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, smart phone or tablet. go to ktvu. com and click on the "live streaming" button. . >>> new york city nanny accused of fatally stabbing two young children of a former bay area couple have been indicted by a grand jury. she is facing murder charges in the death of six-year-old lucic a and her two-year-old brother. ortega had been their nanny for two years. they moved to new york from san francisco after their father left his job at yahoo for a job at c nbc. >> >> a stun gun involved in the charges against -- >> garcia-torres set to be arraigned next month for alenned kidnapping attempts at safeway parking lot back in 2009. one of the victims told us that her attracter used a stun gun. garcia-tomas roman rose was 17 at the time, but we are told he will be charged as an adult. -- . >>> 30-year-old -- two others suing the district saying administrators ignored signs they were being abused by teachers back in the 1990s. >> >> today, california held it's first auction for pollution credit in the ambitious program where the state sets limits on industrial polluters. those that exceed the cap
individuals trying to kill him. >> and both are held without bail. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a new york city nanny pleaded not guilty in the fate of stabbings of two children in her care. they entered the plea while still in the hospital. police say she stabbed herself after killing 6-year-old latchia and 2-year-old leo crim last month. the crim family lived in san francisco before moving to manhattan. the children's father was previously an executive in yahoo! at sunnyvale. >>> ceshed parents -- concerned parents are meeting. last month a convicted child molester was able to work in a child's festival. the parish priest resigned an the catholic bishop apologized for the incident. >>> meanwhile, who used to police officer at the parish is facing new allegations of abuse. >> the san jose, claims he was abused by father for years starting when he was 10-year- old. it is the second lawsuit, involving fleckinger. >>> a federal judge sentenced former campaign treasurer in -- for eight years. and kennedy pleaded dpilty from male in march. they say she used the money to pay her mortgage the and per
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2